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Every day should be Mental Health day!

Updated: Oct 10, 2020

I love the fact that Saturday 10 October is World Mental Health day but can you imagine only eating once a year? Can you imagine only exercising once a year? You can't can you? So, why are we not talking about and exercising our mind daily too?

Our mental health is so important and we must look after each day, just as we care for our physical body otherwise it will begin to break down and not allow us to be the very best we can be.

We all have had so much to cope with this year, my mum (who is 82) said on her birthday, "I am not going up a number this year, because I haven't had this year!" It's been extraordinary in terms of the amount of change that everyone experiences.

So, what can we do to help our mental health each day and slowly build up a fit and healthy mind.

In support of Mental Health Day, here are a few ideas of how you can look after your mental health here...

  • Prioritise sleep – 8-10 hours is essential for wellbeing - if you struggle to get a good night's sleep, read my top tips and access a free audio download here

  • Eat a varied diet to boost gut health which is closely linked to mental health - keeping your blood sugar levels even, helps regulate your mood and did you know that 80% of your serotonin is produced in your gut. That all important happy hormone that we need to help us cope

  • Exercise every day - even if it just a walk around the block getting moving boosts your endorphins or feel good hormones

  • Make time to relax - it is a powerful antidote to stress and allows the harmful stress hormones to reduce - here's a link to a lovely relaxing download that I have made available for free, which will certainly help achieve a feeling of calm

  • Get outside into nature and notice the changes in the season

  • Know your support network

  • Learn to express your feelings through talking, writing, art or music - being creative is actually a profound human need - so have a go - even if it is just doodling with a biro or colouring in

  • Write a list of 10 things you enjoy doing & do at least one every day

  • Limit time spent on screens and especially on social media and gaming they are the ultimate time stealers - it's so easy to become stuck in a 'screen trance' - use an alarm to limit your time - as this is time you can't get back

  • Don't compare yourself to others – it's generally a no-win activity!

  • Do give up striving for perfection. Perfection does not exist and you will wear yourself out trying to attain it

  • Finally always look for What's been good today - there is often more good things than your realise.

So let's start making every day Mental Health day.

If you would like some more help with stress, anxiety or depression please contact me for a free initial consultation here at Elaine Bradford Hypnotherapy

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